OpoFinance Broker review A modern Turkish broker

The core principle of OpoFinance broker is a commitment to advanced technology, user-centered design, and exceptional transparency. Through their online visual platform, customers have access to a wide range of financial products, from traditional investments to modern crypto currencies, all tailored to individual preferences and risk profiles. This feature is what makes OpoFinance one of the best forex brokers.

This broker takes pride in forex education, ensuring informed decision-making for customers and understanding the complexities of the financial landscape. Their experienced team of specialists is readily available to provide personal guidance and excellent support to traders. In this article from the Brokerland broker review website, we will thoroughly examine each aspect of OpoFinance broker.

introducing OpoFinance Broker

OpoFinance broker is a relatively new forex brokerage that began its operations in the market in 2021. Its headquarters are located in Seychelles. OpoFinance offers forex/CFD trading services to over 4 million customers and has consistently been chosen by traders as one of the best forex brokers.

Headquarter Seychelles
Regulation FSA (Seychelles)
Year Founded 2021
Minimum Trade Size 0.01
Minimum Deposit 100 Dollar
Trading Platforms MT4, MT5
Maximum Leverage ۱:۵۰۰
Restricted Countries United States, Turkey, North Korea, Canada, Japan, Australia
Mobile Trading
Crypto Over 65 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
Customer Support 24/7 customer support
Currency Pairs Over 35 pairs
CFD Over 105 CFDs including gold, silver, other precious metals, stocks, stock indices, oil, and other commodities
News Trading
AI for Trading and Robots
Copy Trading
Deposit Methods options including bank wire transfer (SWIFT), Visa, MasterCard, B2BinPay, local bank transfer, Perfect Money, and crypto currencies
Withdrawal Methods

Same options as deposit methods, including bank wire transfer (SWIFT), Visa, MasterCard, B2BinPay, local bank transfer, Perfect Money, and crypto currencies.

Regulation and Security

Certainly, regulation is one of the fundamental factors to consider when deciding to trade with a broker. Trading with regulated and authorized brokers is safer and reduces the risk of many issues such as Ponzi schemes and numerous other scams.

Regulation and Security

OpoFinance broker is both legal and safe. It is regulated by the Financial Commission as of June 7, 2021, and holds the SD124 license from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Seychelles.

Despite having a relatively short history and being newer compared to many other brokers, OpoFinance has obtained the necessary licenses and is regulated. Furthermore, during its short period of operation, it has demonstrated reliability and is considered a secure choice for opening an account.

Types of Trading Accounts

OpoFinance broker offers four different types of trading accounts for users, and we will discuss each of them below. All of these accounts are available on the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms.

1. Standard Account: The standard account is a basic account with a minimum deposit requirement of $100. It does not have any commissions, and it offers normal spreads. The maximum leverage you can use in this account is 1:2000.

2. ECN Account: Traders using the ECN account pay a small commission of $6, and the minimum deposit required is also $100. This account provides the same maximum leverage as the standard account, which is 1:2000.

3. Social Trading Account: The social trading account is designed for enthusiasts and requires a minimum deposit of $200. It offers a maximum leverage of 1:2000 and has normal spreads. There are no commissions associated with this account.

4. ECN Pro Account: The ECN Pro account comes with the lowest spreads among the broker’s account types but requires a higher minimum deposit of $5000. It comes with a $4 commission per trade and offers a maximum leverage of 1:2000.

These various account types cater to different traders’ needs and preferences, whether they are looking for low spreads, social trading, or other specific features.

Features Standard Account ECN Account Social Trading Account ECN Pro Account
Trading Platform MT4, MT5, Web MT4, MT5, Web MT4, MT5, Web MT4, MT5, Web
Account Currency USD USD USD USD
Minimum Deposit ۱۰۰ USD ۱۰۰ USD ۲۰۰ USD ۵۰۰۰ USD
Maximum Deposit
Commission ۶ Dollar ۴ Dollar
Execution Market Market Market Market
Spread From 1.8 pips From 0.8 pips From 1.5 pips From 0 pips
Call margin 80% 80% 80% 80%
Stop out 40% 40% 40% 40%

Leverage at OpoFinance

The leverage or “leverage” at OpoFinance broker varies depending on the trading symbol and the customer’s account. However, in general, this broker offers a maximum leverage of 1:2000. It’s always essential to confirm the specific leverage for a particular symbol or account with the broker’s support team to be certain.

For example, concerning the standard account, OpoFinance provides traders with the following leverage levels for specific trading symbols:

– Forex: 1:500
– CFDs: 1:500
– Indices: 1:500
– Cryptocurrencies: 1:5

Trading Platforms

OpoFinance offers popular trading platforms, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, which cater to all the needs of a forex trader. These platforms are known for their versatility and functionality, making them suitable for a wide range of trading styles and strategies.

Trading Platforms at opofinance broker

Furthermore, the web versions of these platforms are also available for times when installing applications may not be possible for an individual. These web platforms offer compatibility with various operating systems, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for traders, regardless of their preferred setup.

Trading instruments at OpoFinance Broker

In addition to a wide range of currency pairs, totaling over 36 pairs, OpoFinance broker offers various instruments for trading, including CFDs, indices, crypto currencies, commodities, and metals. It’s important to remember that different instruments come with different trading conditions. Therefore, you should ensure that your chosen strategy is suitable for the instrument you’ve selected. The contract specifications for these symbols are detailed below:

  • Forex:
Trading instrument Contract Size Tick Size Long Swap Short Swap
GBPUSDGreat Britain Pound / US Dollar 100000 5 -5.41 1.17
GBPCADGreat Britain Pound / Canadian Dollar 100000 5 -7.16 2.43
EURUSDEuro / US Dollar 100000 5 -9.49 4.18
USDCADUS Dollar / Canadian Dollar 100000 5 -2.7 -1.18
USDJPYUS Dollar / Japanese Yen 100000 5 4.99 -12.68
  • Cryptourrency:
Trading instrument Contract Size Tick Size Long Swap Short Swap
BTCUSDBitcoin / US Dollar ۱ ۳ -۱۱.۵ -۵.۷۵
ETHUSDEthereum / US Dollar ۱ ۳ -۱۱.۵ -۵.۷۵
BNBUSDBinance Coin / US Dollar ۱ ۳ -۱۱.۵ -۵.۷۵
ADAUSDCardano / US Dollar ۱ ۳ -۱۱.۵ -۵.۷۵
XRPUSDXRP Ledger / US Dollar ۱ ۳ -۱۱.۵ -۵.۷۵
  • CFDs:
Trading instrument Contract Size Tick Size Long Swap Short Swap
CFDs ۱۰۰ ۲ -2.88 -2.88
  • Commodities:
Trading instrument Contract Size Tick Size Long Swap Short Swap
WTIUSDWest Texas Intermediate / US Dollar 1000 3 -1.37 -0.38
BRNUSDBrent / US Dollar 1000 3 -1.42 -0.38
NGCUSDNatural Gas / US Dollar 1000 4 -1.08 -0.22
  • Metals:
Trading instrument Contract Size Tick Size Long Swap Short Swap
XAUUSDGold/ US Dollar 100 2 -25.6 -16.07
XAGUSDSilver / US Dollar 5000 3 -2.44 -0.39
XPTUSDPlatinum / US Dollar 100 2 -10.89 -1.67

Customer Support at OpoFinance Broker

Customer support at this broker operates 24/7, allowing customers to get in touch at any time, day or night, in case of issues or questions. Additionally, there is a section for frequently asked questions (FAQs) on various topics available on the OpoFinance broker’s website. By visiting this section, you can find answers to common questions you may have, providing a convenient resource for resolving inquiries.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit at OpoFinance broker applies to both the Standard and ECN accounts, which is $100 for each account type.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods at OpoFinance Broker

OpoFinance offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, providing convenience for its customers. These methods include crypto currencies, UnionPay, Advcash, Visa/Master Cards, Perfect Money, TopChange, and local bank transfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is OpoFinance a regulated broker?
    • Yes, this broker is regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles (FSA) and is authorized.
  2. How can we verify our identity with this broker?
    • After registering with the broker, you will need to upload a valid identity document and proof of address to complete the identity verification process.
  3. Is OpoFinance a legal broker?
    • Yes, OpoFinance is a legal and secure broker for investment.
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